Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Community Connection & Dance

Hedy and I had a conversation about tango connection--the one we have with our community and how it affects our dance. We were in agreement that in Buenos Aires there is a different form of connection. We decided that on a crowded floor, there is a bit more anonymity. This allows leads especially to access the passion of tango. She told me that Brent had commented that he missed watching men cry on the dance floor.

I couldn't help but wonder if this is part of what we are missing in our community. We have a wonderful group of dancers, but some of the heart I've felt in other communities is missing. Here, we have fewer members, and less dedication to excellence. Hedy is lucky, she has a lead with a sense of dedication and a willingness to experience that passion.

For the last while, I've closed myself off to the heart of our community (for various reasons) and I miss it. Last night, I cried because I feel that sense of loss deeply. I've considered giving up tango. Without the passion and heart it has felt meaningless. But I'm not ready to quit this dance. Instead, I'm going to give myself a swift kick in the rear end, put my heart back into this dance and see what happens.