Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Class Work

Yesterday we did some fabric weaving. Susan had several fabrics for us to choose from, although it turned out both of us used the same blue so there wasn't quite enough. This is the start after class:

And today after some fiddling (it seemed to be missing something and the purple at the bottom was distracting as it was too heavy):

This is another piece done during the "artist's block":

Talking to Carolyn last night, I realized the the block has been caused by my "wallflowers". It is still in its adolescent stage (complete with rebellion), and until I get it right think other things are just noodling. This piece will need to finished and titled Wallflowers 1, and another started.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Class Project

The lastest thing I learned was painting on fusible web. It isn't much different than any type of painting, except your surface is sticky and the paint doesn't adhere well. I fused bits of painted web over random threads and a piece of fabric the instructor had hand dyed. The end result is rather interesting.

I also did another piece with the concept of appliqueing first and quilting from the back second. I like it, but feel there isn't enough contrast, so I need to change the vines around the middle flower (yep, there are actually green bits there). I did say there isn't enough contrast didn't I?

I have a bit of an artist's block right now. It isn't from lack of ideas, but from too many. About six ideas are jostling around in my head right now trying to get out and none of them are taking priority. A recent trip to Port Townsend and several art galleries has made it worse, as there were some amazing pieces that spawned great colour ideas. Those are swirling around in there now too. Ah well, someone suggesting cleaning the sewing room when it got to that point. Yech, I think I'll go to the cafe and dance some tango instead!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ordering Whom Around?

Konstantin commented on one of my blog posts yesterday. He said: "You make it sound like someone is ordering you about (like a child, so it is even more offensive, the implication is) - where to go and where not to go, and is also claiming you don't support tango if you don't come to dance at venues other than Casablanca. I am not aware of anyone actually claiming these things or ordering you around, though."

Several things occurred that started me thinking this. The first was a private email that in part accused me of being under political influence by those at Cafe Casablanca. The second was a "private" email from the then president of Tango Vita regarding the proposed split from the cafe. This stated in part:

"So, where do we go from here as a group of tango dancers in Victoria? We think it’s quite obvious that we need to find a new home for Tango Vita… We are actively looking for a place that… above all else has to be a non-commercial space that we can rent as a community. Until we find a new home for Tango Vita, where are people to dance regularly. Should we be sensitive to those who want to continue with tango dancing on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday nights at Café Casablanca and have Tango Vita dancing on nights that do not conflict with this schedule? Again, this is another difficult question to answer. Over the years, even long before our relationship with Café Casablanca, these three nights of the week were the traditional nights of dancing for Tango Vita. There have been numerous attempts to establish tango on a Saturday evening, but ultimately it hasn’t worked. It’s not clear why—it just doesn’t. So, as we consider a new place we need to keep this in mind."

As a non-member (at that time) of Tango Vita, and only a member of the tango community, I felt I was told where I would be allowed to dance, that the venue would change and I would have no choice, something I didn't agree with. To Konstantin, I would say, remember, I didn't ask for the split in the first place. If you don't feel comfortable at the cafe, fine. If you want to dance at the gallery, go ahead. My problem was always the whisper in my ear (in actuality) telling me that I was disloyal to tango if I chose to dance at the cafe. Hey, so am I also disloyal to tango if I go to Seattle to dance, or to Buenos Aires? Just wondering.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunday Practica

If there was any doubt in my mind regarding the attitude of Tango Vita to Cafe Casablanca, the most recent newsletter would take care of that. In the annual general meeting, I pointedly asked Fiona if the intention was to support the cafe as a valid venue for tango. The response: yes. The reality: no.

According to the most recent newsletter, Tango Vita wants to start "New informal practica groups" on, oh Sunday. Hum, last time I checked, James and Terry were also offering informal practica's on Sundays. Time for both: Sunday afternoon. Once again, you are asking dancers to choose sides. It seems every time they ask local dancers to choose, they go with the cafe. The losers are those from out of town. This weekend in Port Townsend, Mike and Liz told me they had no intention of attending Tango by the Sea again this year. They feel to support an event of this nature, they are also supporting the division and will not do so. By their own behaviour, Tango Vita alienates people again and again.

I for one will continue to dance at the cafe where I don't feel alienated. And remember, for a well established guided practica, Sunday 3-5pm at Cafe Casablanca.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Water Soluble Pencils

I've been experimenting with water soluble pencils. It started with a box of Derwent Graphtint. The colours in the box look muted and soft. With the addition of water, a vibrant effect takes place. The problem is finding a way to maintain their colour if you wash it. I painted loose shapes on fabric and heat set in the dryer. But once I was done, I didn't want to risk losing it, so used a gel medium over top to preserve the picture. The medium is stiff when dry, so not conducive to quilts.

I decided to try pre-treating fabric with Bubble Jet Set to see if it would make a difference. On the QuiltArt list, a suggestion was given to use water soluble pastels, so the flowers are done with two different pencils--the Derwent Graphtint and Cretacolor pastels that are water soluble. I heat set in the dryer and then washed.



It is interesting that the colour definition with the pastels disappears almost completely. I had used to different blues, but the one doesn't show at all. On the purplish flower, the center completely disappeared, almost like I'd used a resist. Now, I'll go back and add more colour to the blue flower and touch up the centre on the other flower.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What I See Coming

Cafe Casablanca is being set up. Those of us that dance at the cafe and support it's business are being set up to take the fall for the "split" in Tango Vita. Starting with Lilliana's president address, continuing with our inability to speak to or address issues at the board meeting it will end with the finger pointed at us as the cause of the split.

Prior to the AGM, one person (now a new board member) stated: "I am sure that whoever wins will need to seek an understanding with the losing side and invite them to unity. Hopefully Chuck will be willing to forgive those that run with Fiona and accepts them back, either as winners or losers."

However, he also claimed "It [was] also... very difficult to tolerate the hierarchical organization of CB. The owner behind the counter watching... Then middle managers (B and H and D and D) sitting by the band stage. The rest, the lowly people, sat at the sofa." This is what leads me to believe that those at the cafe--or specific individuals--are being set up. A leopard does not change his spots.

As I see it, there is only one way to prevent this: consistant attendance by the new board and their followers, scheduling of Tango by the Sea on a night that does not conflict with prior events at Cafe Casablanca, and a written letter of apology to Chuck, Brent and Hedy and David and Diane for the slanderous statements made against them. Okay, that is three things, but who's counting! To give them credit, some of the new board attended on Sunday. However, without a public statement of some kind or a letter of apology handed to Chuck, it looks strange.

As things progress, they will point fingers and say they are making an effort to attend the cafe, why aren't we attending the gallery? The thing is, I never asked for the gallery to come into existence. I was perfectly happy at the cafe. Many others feel this way as well. I am an adult. Do NOT tell me where I can dance, or claim that I don't support Tango Vita or tango in Victoria because of where I choose to dance.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Forever Tango

Bought a ticket today to Forever Tango at the Royal on May 3rd. How cool is that!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Annual General Meeting