Friday, February 01, 2008

What To Do?

Hum, don't know where to go with this piece. Originally, I thought to embellish it once I quilted it--something I haven't really tried in the past. After I appliqued the light strips on, I had to let it sit to figure out how to quilt it. Now, I have no idea whether embellishments will work.

I've sewn on beads, I've taken off beads. I chose different coloured beads and sewed those on. And took them off. I kind of like the leaves, but my daughter thinks it takes away from the simplicity of the piece. Yeah, bummer. That's what I was afraid of. On to February and this can sit on my design wall for a while. Like Juanita said, maybe it will whisper to me. Instead of yelling like it did with a few of those bead choices.