Monday, August 18, 2008

Studios and Such

Where we work affects how balanced our time in our studio feels. My studio is quite out of control. Between fabric and painting, there isn't close to enough room. Using a journal has only emphasized the problem. I start cutting fabric for a project, and it gets scattered over my cutting table. Then I want to work in my journal and have to move everything.

At the beginning of August, my youngest moved out. Sniff. Out came the primer, and three coats later, the chocolate brown room was white. Now I'm painting it periwinkle in anticipation of a new studio space. The room is larger and has a closet I can store seldom used items (like my patterns). Woo hoo!

This month I've also spent much more time with friends than I often do. A friend recently moved back from Calgary, so we've spent time together reconnecting. Plus, Eduardo is here from Argentina this month as well, so I've spent more time at tango than I have in the last few months. These things all take time away from stitching. Does paint on a wall count as a project for the TIF challenge? Hum, how to balance everything!