Thursday, October 09, 2008

Safe Haven

Yesterday, Paula left a comment that she also has no idea how to translate this month's challenge into fibre. I hadn't actually gone as far as thinking what my studio meant to me, so I also had no ideas what to do.

Then I had a conversation with my son and I realized my studio is a safe place for me. Inside this room I can forget about interpersonal conflicts--something I don't handle well. It is where I go for pleasure and re-energizing in a stressful world.

Now that I live alone, the need to close the door isn't as strong. But it is still the place I go for renewal. I'm not sure how to translate this into fibre. I'm thinking safety, but the idea of renewal might have some intriguing avenues worth exploring. Hum, I have the start of two black and white pieces. What if I added just a hint of green on one of them to symbolize renewal...

Oh, I might be on to something.