Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Encrusted Beading

I wonder if the rules for cooking also apply to fabric art exchanges? You know the one--don't try out anything on company that you haven't first eaten yourself. I think that ensures you don't poison your guests. Or have them clamoring for a recipe you made up as you went along.

When I received Mary Anne's corpse in the mail, I stared at it for days. In reality, more than just days. It's simplicity left me a bit clueless. Well, extremely clueless. Thoughts of what to create ran around in my head--probably thoughts closer to panic.

Staring at it, I realized a had a bag of cabochons my grandmother gave me floating around somewhere. One piece, a beautiful ebony black, looked perfect for the shape of the square I had to work on.

But Mary Anne's guidelines specified that she wanted a lighter colour in the centre. I drew out a design in my Studio Journal using the dark cabochon and added squiggly lines around it. Placing the white cabochon on the drawing netted a similar result, so off I went. To Michael's to buy beads.

This is the first time I ever did encrusted beading. Knowledge and finished result weren't even near one another, so I kind of figured it out as I went along. The photo was taken before I upgraded camera's, so unfortunately is quite blurry.

Hum, that was fun. Now I can try it out on the guests.