Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winter Hibernation

It must be winter. The sewing room is cold and productions levels have dropped to below zero. I haven't accomplished any more on the writing front either. If it hadn't been for the newest round of Exquisite Corpse, needle and thread might not have been touched until I thawed out. But dispite the cold, yesterday saw my Corpse off to the post office. Sniff, I won't see it again for months.

This time we are creating a body, starting with the head and working down. The only guideline is 1/2 an inch of exposed. . . flesh. And we all know how tantalizing that little glimpse can be. To my group (if you read this), have fun.

Today is gorgeous and sunny, the blood is moving in my veins again. Hopefully somewhere inside is a kernel of an idea. Something to stimulate the thinking processes so I can create something. Anything. Writing, art. I don't care. I'm tired of the boredom.