Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I didn't actually realize Tango by the Sea is this weekend. Not that it makes much difference. I'm too broke to attend anyway. But apparently they have a milonga planned for Friday night. Which means the cafe will be deserted--the cause of my dilemma. With no one to dance with, staying home makes the most sense. Why bother wasting both time and money to sit around and look--bored.

Oh right, I remember. Gossip. And not the good kind. The kinds where certain person(s) will accuse me of going to the dark side.

Which wouldn't be true. I shouldn't care, but I already find myself unable to fit within the local tango community. And lies of that nature hurt.

So the question is, do I ensure no one lies about my whereabouts by going in on Friday or do I choose to stay home and get some writing done. In the end maybe it isn't such a hard decision. After all, I know the truth.