Monday, December 11, 2006

Saving the Best for Last

(Or Something Like That)

The final pair of shoes came out to play last night. These are very spikealicious, which is why they were left until the end. It isn't so much that I think they are the best, more that I was afraid I'd kill myself dancing in them. Fall off those heels and it would leave a mark. "Medic, medic!" The higher the heel, the more the dynamic of dancing changes too. I'm trying to put into practice things I learned in Buenos Aires and I can't stand on my own two feet. Yep, learned lots can't you tell?

They were the pair I just had to buy though. In my quest for green shoes, these were the most amazing shoes I'd seen. Not only are they green, they are pink as well. I could sit and stare at them all night.

"Sorry, I can't dance. Can't you see I'm busy!"

Good thing there were only 12 people there last night. Gave me plenty of time to stare. And fewer people to hurt.