Monday, February 05, 2007

Journey of a Journal

The top is almost finished. I had a bit of frustration on the weekend once the shoes were complete. I was trying to create the illusion of a dress, but it wasn’t working. Each attempt looked like the fabric had just been dumped at the top without any thought. It wasn’t cohesive. I spent the next two evenings at tango watching feet and legs, but it still wasn’t forming in my mind. When I thought about it, the dress idea wasn’t the image I wanted. It felt too heavy somehow.

So I spent some time watching tango videos on YouTube. One video clicked. Her footwork was exactly the image I wanted. So I watched, rewound, watched, paused, and watched again. There! The pause button froze her feet in the precise movement I was looking for. I started to lay cord to create the illusion of her legs, running back and forth between the sewing room and the computer. Hey, wait a minute, this thing is a lap top. Never said I was the quickest one in the room—and I’m the only one in the room! Once the laptop was on my sewing table, things fell into place much quicker and now she has legs. Now I think she needs stockings though.