Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lovely Legs

I spent time in the fabric store the other day looking at fabric looking for fish net stockings. Cream background, pale black square. Of course, there wasn’t anything exactly the way I wanted. But I found some pale tan with a wash of purple. I also picked up several other choices, just in case. And now my little lady now has a stunning set of legs. Too perfect, don’t you think.

The piece is actually bigger than a traditional Journal Quilt, as it is approximately 17" square. Guess this makes it an Art Quilt, not a Journal Quilt.

I've started the next one already. The idea is a broken heart, repaired somewhat, held together by what ever is at hand, in this case snap swivels used in fishing to hold lures and weights on. There will be bleedy bits coming out of the heart, but on the ends will be flowers. If you can't mend your heart, grow flowers instead.