Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not Quite a Zipper

I should have sewn the zipper into my daughter's wedding dress. But rather than hand sew an invisible zipper into her dress, I chose to hand sew beads to a quilt. Don't ask me to explain my logic (because there isn't any).

My daughter thinking I should flip it so the light green is at the top. Any suggestions? It means I have to resew the tree-like shape on so it has the right orientation, but that is easy to do.

I had so much fun that I bought yellow, red and blue beads to add to my quilt for the April TIF. So this weekend, I need to read and make comments on two stories for my writer's group, finish the wedding dress and get the quilting done on the April project so I have time to sew on the beads. Yep, too much to do again.