Thursday, March 26, 2009

OMG, Panic or What

On Sunday, Mollie and I agreed that homestay would be a wonderful way to stay in Buenos Aires. She wants to become fluent in conversational Spanish (and I want to learn enough to say yes--or no--when the guys ask to kiss me.) We found a place, available on the necessary dates, via one of those online booking agencies. Received a nice little email stating that "your request was successfully sent." Not that the space is confirmed or anything. And that they would confirm the request within 72 hours. Omg, three days? Don't they know I'm on a tight schedule?

So I waited. I didn't sleep well. But I waited. Nothing. So I sent an email asking them to please confirm the booking. Still nothing.

In the meantime, another friend sent me a list of potential apartments for rent. I sent an email to the one she stayed at last year and had a confirmation of booking this morning in my inbox. It is even less than the homestay option. And the best thing? It is like going home. Only a couple doors down from the guest house I stayed at last time I went to Buenos Aires.

Okay, now I'm excited!