Monday, April 06, 2009

Still Here--And Alive

I arrived safely in B.A. (although more than two hours late). My ride gave up on me so I had to hire a remis and try to contact him when I got to the apartment. Try talking to a person that speaks only Spanish when you speak only English! Ha, that was fun. Thank god for the taxi driver who could act as an interpreter for me.

The apartment is small but serviceable. For the price, it is very nice. No stove, but a hot plate and a fridge that sounds like an airplane when the compressor kicks in. I can still sleep through it.

So much to say, and so little time. Here are the highlights:

Jose, the apartment owner, took it on himself to take me to Gricel my first evening. Old time milongeros. I managed to dance fairly often as he knew a woman that introduced me to people after she danced. And okay, some might be lower on the dance order, but still wonderful.

Saturday evening, I decided to go to Ideal in the hopes of connecting with friends from Victoria that I know were there. Except they were at the dinner theatre at 9pm. I saw them from the balcony (along withEduardo), but not at the milonga. Bummer, Nino Bien is apparently the best milonga on a Saturday night. Now I know for next week though.

At Ideal, someone fell in love with me. At least that is what he said. I understood enough Spanish (and his few words of English) to know I'm the love of his life. As he said: "I love you for you." Whatever the hell that means. But he could kiss fairly well. He thinks I'm going back to Ideal next Saturday, but the dancing was so bad that isn't likely.

Went to El Beso last night. The woman sat me at the back so I knew I wouldn't dance much. But I saw Marissa. That hit all my happy buttons (and enough that not getting to dance didn't much matter). One fellow from Friday night was there and was more than willing to dance with me.

Bought three pairs of shoes already and only one were on the promised "I'm only going to buy two pairs of shoes). Oooh, sexy black half pump, half open toe. They are so exactly what I wanted for a black shoe. On an interesting note, Neo Tango is so close in price to Comme il Faut now (only 40 pesos different). Susana Villerolle is also only in the same price range. It makes Comme il Faut an acceptable purchase.

So much to do! I'm taking more pictures this time and hopefully will get to upload some to my computer in the evenings so I can post them as I go along.

Stay tuned!