Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Politics of Dancing

Two things that don’t belong together. A bit like church and state. When one person, or group of people attempt to impose their will on others rather than allowing them to think for themselves, it is never a good situation. Think jihad. Like little kids in a sandbox, screaming I’m right, it is childish and immature. Do what you will where dance is concerned. Dance at the gallery if that is what your heart leads you to do. Dance at the cafe if that is what you prefer, but please, stop this childishness. We all make choices. Your choices are not better than my choices, they are just your choices. That doesn’t make them right.

I have the hardest time understanding why some on the Tango Vita board, or members of Tango Vita are so opposed to Cafe Casablanca. Here we have a warm setting, nice seating, the ability to dance as long as we like without cleanup. We are treated like family by Chuck and Eve. Certain people then have re-payed that generosity by claiming it isn’t like “this” in Buenos Aires. Hey, I have news for you guys—every milonga I attended in Buenos Aires had a club owner and staff.

I have been part of several church splits. They started very similar to what is happening here. The “old guard” gets upset because of music, worship styles, change in pastor and suddenly nothing is right. They lobby for things to remain the same, claiming that everyone else is destroying the spirit of worship etc. This is much the same. Change is frightening. It requires an open mind, and a willingness to accept those that are different.

Ultimately, no matter what the outcome of the upcoming Tango Vita elections, I will continue to support Cafe Casablanca. Yesterday, I was part of a survey on health and Canadians. One section dealt with our support network. I was asked whether there were people in my network that I could call on for home support if necessary, hugs when I needed them, people to talk to about issues that were stressful. My answer was yes to all these questions—I have a great support network. If I leave the Cafe, I leave my support network. Who in their right mind would do that? And thanks to all of you that I consider part of my support network!