Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunday Practica

If there was any doubt in my mind regarding the attitude of Tango Vita to Cafe Casablanca, the most recent newsletter would take care of that. In the annual general meeting, I pointedly asked Fiona if the intention was to support the cafe as a valid venue for tango. The response: yes. The reality: no.

According to the most recent newsletter, Tango Vita wants to start "New informal practica groups" on, oh Sunday. Hum, last time I checked, James and Terry were also offering informal practica's on Sundays. Time for both: Sunday afternoon. Once again, you are asking dancers to choose sides. It seems every time they ask local dancers to choose, they go with the cafe. The losers are those from out of town. This weekend in Port Townsend, Mike and Liz told me they had no intention of attending Tango by the Sea again this year. They feel to support an event of this nature, they are also supporting the division and will not do so. By their own behaviour, Tango Vita alienates people again and again.

I for one will continue to dance at the cafe where I don't feel alienated. And remember, for a well established guided practica, Sunday 3-5pm at Cafe Casablanca.