Saturday, April 21, 2007

Class Project

The lastest thing I learned was painting on fusible web. It isn't much different than any type of painting, except your surface is sticky and the paint doesn't adhere well. I fused bits of painted web over random threads and a piece of fabric the instructor had hand dyed. The end result is rather interesting.

I also did another piece with the concept of appliqueing first and quilting from the back second. I like it, but feel there isn't enough contrast, so I need to change the vines around the middle flower (yep, there are actually green bits there). I did say there isn't enough contrast didn't I?

I have a bit of an artist's block right now. It isn't from lack of ideas, but from too many. About six ideas are jostling around in my head right now trying to get out and none of them are taking priority. A recent trip to Port Townsend and several art galleries has made it worse, as there were some amazing pieces that spawned great colour ideas. Those are swirling around in there now too. Ah well, someone suggesting cleaning the sewing room when it got to that point. Yech, I think I'll go to the cafe and dance some tango instead!