Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What I See Coming

Cafe Casablanca is being set up. Those of us that dance at the cafe and support it's business are being set up to take the fall for the "split" in Tango Vita. Starting with Lilliana's president address, continuing with our inability to speak to or address issues at the board meeting it will end with the finger pointed at us as the cause of the split.

Prior to the AGM, one person (now a new board member) stated: "I am sure that whoever wins will need to seek an understanding with the losing side and invite them to unity. Hopefully Chuck will be willing to forgive those that run with Fiona and accepts them back, either as winners or losers."

However, he also claimed "It [was] also... very difficult to tolerate the hierarchical organization of CB. The owner behind the counter watching... Then middle managers (B and H and D and D) sitting by the band stage. The rest, the lowly people, sat at the sofa." This is what leads me to believe that those at the cafe--or specific individuals--are being set up. A leopard does not change his spots.

As I see it, there is only one way to prevent this: consistant attendance by the new board and their followers, scheduling of Tango by the Sea on a night that does not conflict with prior events at Cafe Casablanca, and a written letter of apology to Chuck, Brent and Hedy and David and Diane for the slanderous statements made against them. Okay, that is three things, but who's counting! To give them credit, some of the new board attended on Sunday. However, without a public statement of some kind or a letter of apology handed to Chuck, it looks strange.

As things progress, they will point fingers and say they are making an effort to attend the cafe, why aren't we attending the gallery? The thing is, I never asked for the gallery to come into existence. I was perfectly happy at the cafe. Many others feel this way as well. I am an adult. Do NOT tell me where I can dance, or claim that I don't support Tango Vita or tango in Victoria because of where I choose to dance.