Friday, January 18, 2008


I spent some time yesterday checking out blogs of participants in the Take It Further Challenge. Wow. The amount of stunning, beautiful pieces created is amazing and I only made a dent in looking at the list.

It made me realize that I do admire people. The creativity that is out there is amazing. Many of the women are participating in multiple challenges (and completing them--early). As I contemplated admiration some more, I realized that you women in this challenge are the embodiment of what I admire. Drive, resourcefulness, hard work, a constant drive to learn and push ourselves dare I say it--further.

It was one of those epiphany moments. The whole reason I admired and loved my grandfather as much as I did was his constant drive to learn. I hate complacency and mediocrity but...

No one I looked at yesterday was mediocre or complacent. The level of workmanship is something I admire. This was such a great way for us to start this challenge. Here's a question: at the half way point as we reflect more, how many of us would say that those we chose for our challenge are people we admire because of their love of learning and their need in life to take things further?