Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bias Rectangles

Here is a quick how to for creating bias rectangles.

Lay a dark and light fabric face down on your cutting table (both fabrics are right side down).

Fold your fabric in half (you will have four layers of fabric at this point).

Using your bi-rangle ruler, place it square against the two lower right edges of your fabric. Lay a regular ruler along the bias line of the bi-rangle.

Cut strips for your rectangles. Usually strips are 2 1/2" wide, but can be larger or smaller depending how big you want your triangles.

You have four pieces of fabric now all cut into strips. Separate the two pieces so you have two sets of strips.

Sew your strips together, alternating light and dark. Using your bi-rangle, square one edge of the fabric and cut strips (usually 3 1/2" wide, but it will again depend on the size you want your finished triangles).

Line up the bias line of your bi-rangle ruler and cut along the edge of the triangle, flip the triangle, line up the bias line again and trim all the edges flush with the ruler.

You will wind up with two sets of triangles facing opposite directions.

This is the type of quilt you can make: