Thursday, March 27, 2008


Wow, this was a busy month. Every time I think I'm catching up, something else is added to my to do list. I agreed to help a friend teach a tango workshop for beginners at a community centre. It is this weekend, but it meant that Tuesday I had to go in early to tango so we could practice. But, I finally finished the first idea for the TIF Challenge. I'm not sure if I like it, but my daughter does, so I'm going to give it to my granddaughter.

A detail shot (because it's all about the details):

That gives me Friday and Saturday to whip chapter two of my NaNo into shape for my writer's group on April 6th. That wouldn't be so bad, but it needs a complete overhaul. Ah well, it will be so much better. Maybe. Of course, it might take another five or six re-writes.

Then yesterday, I discovered I hadn't missed the sewing show after all. Except it is this weekend. That would be the same two days I have to finish the writing and help teach tango. Hum, somewhere in there is a wedding dress too.