Friday, March 14, 2008

Possible Direction Shift

I might change directions for the March TIF Challenge. This one will get made no matter what. I've been pondering over "My Favourite Thing". Of course, shoes top the list. This comes from a woman who only owned two pairs of shoes four years ago. Now I own--give me a minute here, um ooh, four pairs of Comme il Faut, three pairs of Lolo Gerard, three pairs of Tango Brujo, a pair of Madreselva, and several assorted others. Oh, and a pair of Neo Tango.

The idea that has been swirling around in my head (kind of pushing everything else out) has to do with several of those favourites. In Buenos Aires, I fell hard for shoes and brought nine pairs back. I've bought three additional pairs of top end tango shoes since I've come home. I surf the web looking at new styles and colours frequently. Ah, it's a love affair. Who knew.

So I took photos of some of my favourites, heels (yeah, ooh I love, love, love stiletto's), positioned and took more pictures. In Photoshop, I played with filters, applying various styles. I've printed this out on fabric already:

And this will probably form the border so that the finished size winds up 13x13:

This would work for the March TIF too. It is a detail shot of shoes, and with tango, the ability to dance well is all about details. From the perfect pair of shoes, the correct posture, the embrace, and more, it is a dance of details. I'm still working at my first idea, but this one keeps pushing at me. Guess I'll try to do both, but the shoes will probably get finished first.