Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's All About the Shoes

This was the idea that wouldn't go away, so I just did it. The border is small details of shoes. I used photos printed onto fabric. For the border, I made 1/2 square triangles from the shoes I'd printed. It created an interested effect. If you look closely, it is possible to see a bit of heel, buckles etc. Kind of interesting.

Now I can go back to working on the other idea I originally had for the TIF March challenge. It is interesting how this one is coming together. Originally, my inspiration came from William Blake's poem Augries of Innocence. The flowers almost have a feeling of innocence to them. Strange how that works out.

Yesterday, I did the first fitting of the bodice for my daughter's wedding dress, so I guess things are going along on the time track they should be. I still feel somewhat overwhelmed with what I have to do, but that will pass after May when the wedding is done. As long as I don't remember what I have to do this week that is.