Monday, October 23, 2006

10 Days and Counting

Into the final countdown to flight (could be in more ways than one). 10 days. Or four days of dancing here in Victoria. Or one more night of pilates. Or one ballet. I have to sacrifice my last class of yoga for Wen Wei dance, but that is a sacrifice that will be will worth it.

A friend has given me a number of tango magazines from her trip to Buenos Aires, so I've been looking at milongas, lessons and of course shoes. The shoes are proving to be the easiest to locate. Go figure. I have an idea what I'm hoping to achieve with lessons, but am not sure how to find it. As a follower, my challenge is getting to dance how I want without telling the lead what to do, so (if possible) I'd like to learn techniques for leading from the follow position--changing the dance so it is slower allowing me more time for embellishment. In a dance of great passion and sensuality it seems like we as couples and as a room often dance like we are on speed. So I want to change that, at least for myself.

Armed with tiny ads in spanish (which I can't comprehend) I purused web sites in spanish. At least they have beautiful pictures. Then, buried in one magazine, I saw an ad for El Gato. Wow, he's real, not just some guy from Marina Palmer's book. I did a google search, and came up with a tango festival happening in Buenos Aires while I'm there.

This could be worth checking out. They recommend where to dance as well. I'm hoping for an authentic experience, and this might be too touristy, but I will have to check it out, even if just to look. Do you think he dances without his shirt on?