Saturday, October 21, 2006


It is interesting how many women seem to think I need a man to be complete in my life. Don't get me wrong, I love men, the smell of them the feel of them; they delight all my senses. I just don't need one to make me complete in my life.

This week, I emailed a client at work regarding an upcoming ballet production and he was kind enough to offer me tickets. The first friend I told asked me if he was cute (thinking it was an offer of a date). The second girlfriend told me a week gave me plenty of time to drop hints to all the men I know and get a date. Am I missing something (other than the man)!

I never did understand that simpering airheaded behaviour of girls (or women for that matter) that prance around men, flick their hair and bat their eyelashes. I know it works, but I'd rather climb trees, catch fish and live my life on my terms. To live to any other way feels lesser some how.

Funny thing is, the fellow has set aside two tickets for me. Must be he assumes there will be a guy as well. Guess one of my well meaning girlfriends will have to stand in. Not that I swing that way. I'd much rather put my arm around a man, rest my head against his, breathe in his scent. I'm never quite sure what do to with all the extra equipment a woman has, if you know what I mean.