Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Although the language of tango may transcend the need to know spanish, there may be a few key phrases I need to know to survive. Not having a spanish/english dictionary I found a web site instead. Shouldn't be a problem carting a lap top around with me everywhere just so I can communicate should it? Better get a dictionary. Should fit better in my shoe bag.

Como te llamas?—how come when you ask someone their name you ask about their pets?

como estás—how are you. Knew that one already.

¿Dónde está él baño?—where is the bathroom. Hum good to know in any language.

¿Dónde está? where is—insert appropriate word, like zapato.

¿Cuánto cuesta?—how much does it cost. Apparently I'm a shopaholic, so I need to know this. Will go well with the previous question about the zapatos.

¡Qué buena fiesta!—what a great party, insert milonga and we should be fine. Armed with all my beautiful zapatos, I'll need to go dancing.

Que hora es?—what time is it? Just in case the previous isn't true.

No te olvidare (olvidar)—I will not forget you. What you say to the guys to guarantee they will dance with you the next time they see you.

And of course abrazos and besos.