Saturday, June 30, 2007

Black & White

Once again, I've left the wallflowers and jumped on to another project. This time, it was because the idea kept bugging at me wanting to be created. When I joined the QuiltArt list, and they were discussing black and white images and how it would work in a quilt. The thought sat in the back of my mind and I knew eventually I would do something black and white.

Years ago in art school, one of our projects was to draw ten studies of one subject. I chose to draw my favourite pair of shoes. I photocopied my favourite drawing and cut general templates for blocks of colour. It still needs shading, but I'll do this with thread and then later quilting. Seeing the pictures together helps me see where things need to be changed or highlighted as well.

This one is exciting as it feels the most like "art" of anything I've done yet. Off to stitch some more. Somewhere in there I have to remember to pack. Less than a week until Japan. If I count it in tango nights, that is three evenings. Otherwise it is 5 more sleeps!