Friday, June 08, 2007


Highlights of the Julio and Corina weekend:

If you want to know how they teach, attend a workshop. There are things best left unsaid.

The best pizza I've ever eaten. Ali Baba's doesn't even come close. They do internet orders, wonder if they deliver to Victoria?

Leads out numbered followers (yes, you read that right!) in every workshop we attended. These men are serious about their dancing and it shows. The dance community in Seattle is attracting a large amount of younger dancers. They are graceful and elegant and put my shoes to shame. I asked Illana about it, but she doesn't know how it started, although she is delighted to foster it.

Connection. Such an elusive thing on the dance floor, so it was strange to have one of the best connections in months in a workshop not in the milonga. I'd go back this weekend again just to have a connection like that on the dance floor. OMG, I miss that.