Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wallflowers I

The first version of the wallflower quilt is finally finished. This sat in my pile of unfinished stuff while I played around with techniques and basically just farted around. It felt like writers block. I would try to come up with ideas, and my mind would skitter away. With a background fabric that I just knew would work, I started on a second wallflower quilt. I started with the same couple dancing, found a rubber stamp with an enigmatic face that will make the "perfect" flower. I was itching to work on it, when I went to the weekend with Julio and Corina. I picked up a card with Julio and Corina that I thought might work better, but it overshadowed the wallflowers. It was one of those ah ha moments. The problem with the first quilt was that the flowers were too random, therefore seemed overshadowed. So I picked off the applique on the first quilt, re-quilted and voila… Wallflowers I—In the Shadows.

The block is gone now too. The second wallflower quilt is partly done, and I have at least two more solid ideas. Now I'm off to make tablecloths for the July long weekend.