Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My brother arrived for a visit yesterday. He, Elizabeth and I went to the Shark Club for a bite to eat after he got here. When we walked in, I warned Elizabeth that she would be ID'd. It turned out that her "age" was effected our seating and our service. We were ignored for at least 5 minutes at the door, so we found our own table. And waited some more. Once a waitress finally showed up, the first thing she did was card Elizabeth. She stared at both her BC ID and her Driver's license for a long time. Looked back and forth. Looked some more. Then asked us what we wanted to drink.

Later, as we sat with martini's waiting for our food, the manager walked past our table. He glanced back, did a double take and walked away. A minute or two he walked back and openly stared. He walked past again, and went straight to our server. You could see her nodding. Hum, ID maybe?!? Too funny. Elizabeth is almost 20, but looks very young. At least when she is my age, she won't look almost 50!