Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blue, Blue Quilting

I love winter sales. The mall right now is full of sidewalk sales (not that they have a sidewalk), and Fabricland was no exception. On my recent trip to Satin Moon, I stood looking at all their blue fabrics wondering if I should get some for the quilt I was buying batting for. At close to $18/meter, you want to be very sure you need it first. Of course, I didn't purchase any. I was hoping that somewhere in my piles and piles of fabric that I'd have a piece big enough. And I didn't. Six meters is a lot of fabric. I had a piece that was close, but that only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so the next day after work I hopped on a bus after work and headed to Fabricland. Not that I mind. A fabric store is probably my favourite place to be--sorry all you tango people, but in a fabric store, I'm allowed to fondle fabric to my hearts content. Men start to wonder when you fondle them aimlessly. My own fault really, I tend to touch things I like.

Back at home, I had a new set of treasures laid out ready to go as Fabricland had cottons on sale for as low as $3/meter! But I'm in the middle of another project similar to the first. Rather than put everything away and finish the first quilt, I'll piece this one and quilt the two at the same time. My youngest commented that I like blue quilts. I don't know where she gets that idea!