Saturday, March 29, 2008

What I Should Have Done Today

This is what I should have been working on today:

This is what I did instead:

A "quick" visit to the sewing show netted a few treasures. There are some African woodblock prints, batiks and some wonderful thread. The bag of thread was a deal. I came back to the booth three times, dithering whether I should spend the $30 for a bag. Pick up, put down. Look at all the colours. Leave, repeat. The woman at the booth on the third time said "you've been back three times, I give it to you for $24". Okay. Thirty spools of rayon thread for less than $1/spool works for my frugal tastes.

I was a bit disappointed in the show this year, though. I went expecting to find some specialty threads like last year, but one booth specializing in crazy quilting supplies with silk ribbons and more wasn't there this year. Over half the space was taken up with sewing machines. Must resist, must resist. I saw an Elna for only $1099, much more decked out than my machine. Must resist, must resist.

I did wish I knew what the colour palette for April was going to be. I could have picked up fiddly bits (not that I need more) in the colour palette. Oh well, it is probably a good thing. This way I think I spent less money than I might have otherwise. Must stop thinking about that Elna though!