Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Annual General Meeting

The date and time for the Annual General Meeting of Tango Vita was announced last night. It will be held on March 31st from 2-5pm at Henderson Hall in Oak Bay. If you feel strongly that there needs to be reconciliation and a change for the better, please come out and vote. Like a wise voice said last night "in 50 years, we won't be dancing together." There are leads in our dance community that we miss. There are friendships that have been fractured. When members of our community cry because all they want is to dance, that is NOT a good thing. If we leave it too late, we won't be able to repair it. So, let's repair this split. Let's agree that dancing at the cafe will continue and is good for our tango community. Let's agree that Martin Batchelor Gallery is also good for our community. Let's agree that diversity is a good thing. Most of all, let's stop this petty bickering and act like grown ups and dance together.