Friday, March 16, 2007

What Next?

Tango Vita seems to have switched the rules on their proxy votes. They are now demanding that members inform them in advance if they desire to leave a proxy vote. "In addition to a direct confirmation by the absent member to John or Nora, the Directors also need to receive a proxy form duly filled out and signed by the absent member. These forms will be verified before the meeting starts at 2. Consequently, we ask you to arrive earlier with the signed proxy forms, so that we do not delay the start of the AGM." Some of our members are presently in Buenos Aires. Those members left proxy votes prior to leaving. I have no word for how upset this makes me. Here we are hoping for reconciliation, for a repair and over and over again the present board is demanding that things remain as they are.

Again, I urge members to come out and vote. We CANNOT let things go on like this. How can you slight people like this. If one of our members, presently in India, also left a proxy are you going to claim his is also a forgery? To what extent will you go to prevent change?