Friday, March 30, 2007

More Flowers

As things heat up in Tango Vita, I retreat to quilting. Here is my art, a place to go without the conflict.

I am fascinated by this one flower shape and keep returning to it. The latest started as a whole cloth piece quilted from the back. I traced flowers from my gaudy fabric and quilted around the outlines with a silk embroidery thread for the bobbin thread. Once the quilting was done (and the binding on), it seemed incomplete though. The idea was nice, but the outline of the flowers was too soft. So on to embellishing. Oops, supposed to do that before the binding goes on. Good thing these are just part of that learning curve!

I cut out a fabric that matches the back and part of the binding already on, and hand appliqued it to the front. Then I again quilted the flower from the back. Because the flowers didn't match up, a very serendipitous effect happened.
Wow, I can see that one happening again. Hum, it would seem I'm unintentionally working on a series.