Thursday, March 22, 2007


At last night's pre-meeting meeting, one comment disturbed me. It came up in a recent e-mail, and was mentioned again last night. How do we define "in good standing". One person was adamant that this must mean people who have been members for a very long time and volunteered for Tango Vita in the past. Unfortunately, that is not a valid position to take. New people to dance could take out memberships (and have every right to do so). People who have been part of the dance community but not Tango Vita could take out a membership (and have every right to do so). These people then have the right to vote. This is what makes us a democracy.

I personally joined Tango Vita now because I feel the need to have a voice in what is happening. Tango Vita should become a larger whole now. We have dance happening in multiple venues--Passion for Tango, Martin Batchelor Gallery, Cafe Casablanca, and Camosun College. Tango Vita should be the organization that supports the greater whole. For those who want tango to continue as a club, dance at the gallery, but don't force your will on others. This is not democracy.

I would love to see tango in Victoria become a larger whole. Wouldn't it be wonderful if rather than seeing ourselves as a club, we saw ourselves as promoters? Wouldn't it be wonderful if our new executive saw it as their mandate to bring in world class teachers, people like Hugo Patyn and Miriam Larici, Alicia Pons or others. We have this wonderful opportunity in front of us, let's move on.