Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dreaming of La Boca

While looking in my scrap baskets for some green fabric for the background on my next idea, I came across a small remnant of '60's floral fabric. Not even cotton, but a polyester too. I just had to use it. In another bin with assorted velvets and lame's from my days of making home made Santas, I found these small squares of fabric similar to aida cloth.

Also in my scrap basket, I found this garish pink floral--also from the 60's. I decided to use the flowers as my quilting line and quilt it from the back. My intention originally was to quilt from the back, reback and quilt again from the front. But the quilting lines disappear on the front in certain areas. I'm trying to decide whether to requilt from the back using a lighter colour or heavier thread. I don't think a metallic thread will work as it won't fit with the overall look of the piece. It reminds me a bit of La Boca.