Monday, May 14, 2007

A Certain Type of Woman

There is a certain type of woman I seem to have a great deal of difficulty with. The ones that have more men 'friends' than I have socks. Conversations always start out badly and end up worse. Partly because they are usually looking down their nose at me, partly because my inner bitch becomes my outer bitch by the end.

Take the conversation on Saturday with someone I hadn't seen for almost two years. I wondered why she had stopped dancing, something she seemed to enjoy. Her response "because the man I was dating didn't dance" left my jaw somewhere around the level of my knees. In my head I'm thinking "you would give up your life for a man?" That should have been my clue to walk away, but instead, I tried to understand the concept. Wrong! Mouth shut! Walk away! By the end, she was looking even further down her nose at me, and I was thinking "oh God Linda, you are such a bitch." Maybe it would have helped to tell her I couldn't catch a man with a fishing pole and live bait. Although that could be why she was looking down her nose at me in the first place.