Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The "Perfect" White Skirt

I've been on a quest for the perfect white skirt. It started when Andrea wore one during a performance with Homer last year in September. Of course, there wasn't anything here in town, so I looked in Buenos Aires in November while I was there. After many hours of shopping (oh the cruelty!) I hadn't found anything near to what I thought I remembered Andrea wearing. By now what I remembered and what she actually wore were probably different, but no more obtainable.

Returning home, there was snow and a cold, miserable winter. Must be the memories of warm Argentina that made this winter seem so horrid. With spring finally here, the quest started once again. After much looking, and no success, I remembered that I can sew (for something other than quilts!) and bought the perfect white fabric. Actually four perfect white fabrics. I couldn't find a pattern that came close, though, so have cut, and pasted and fudged and trimmed my way to perfection. Cool, the perfect white skirt.