Friday, May 04, 2007

Paisley Fishes

In the February/March issue of Quilting Arts magazine there was an article on two different ways to create art fishes. So I created a third. Paisley looks like a fish (it might also look like a bird, so that could be next). The body of each fish is from a paisley fabric, fussy cut and fused to the background fabric. Once the fish were placed, I added seaweed forms.

I freemotion quilted scales on each fish, and bubbles from a couple of the larger fish. Kind of fun.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with all these small quilts. They are piled in a heap in my sewing room right now, no sleeves for hanging, no signatures, just bits of learning and experimenting.

I also overdyed some vintage (gasp) cotton that was once a dress of my grandmother's. I can remember her wearing it in about the 70's and maybe even later. This is the garish pink fabric with the funky flower I've used over and over. Right now it is an anemic blue colour, so I think I'll try some more overdying. Off to play some more!