Friday, May 04, 2007

Forever Tango

What an amazing evening. Live productions are so great! They are a delight to the visual and the auditory. Unlike taped productions, here you can choose what to look at, like the fact that the cellist was bowing so hard he broke some of the strings on his bow. Watching this string wave back and forth as the musicians played was a visual treat in its own right.

It is easy to see the passion of the dancers with the embrace, the foot work and how they move together, then apart, and together again. You can almost hear the caught breath in her throat as he pulls her close. But the passion is mirrored in the musicians in a different way. The broken string, the face hovered close to the instrument as if whispering love songs in its ear.

The evening was capped off with a milonga at Cafe Casablanca. Eva and Patricio (definitely the stars of the show) came to unwind. Later in the evening, they quietly got up and danced. It wasn't a performance, just two people dancing tango. Watching them, I felt the movement of Buenos Aires again, felt how it was to dance with Eduardo and others. Their movements were stretched out, elongated, elegant and so, so sensual. Their movements are understated and beautiful. What we dance here is closer to earlier in the evening on the stage. What they dance in the milongas in Buenos Aires was demonstrated in two quiet dances this wonderful couple shared. It isn't as flashy, it is close, intimate, private and OMG I miss it.