Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kitchen Renovation

The first of the contractors came to look at the mess I call a kitchen. Right now, I have a twelve by twelve (roughly) space with less counter space than a bachelor pad. You would think changing things to make it servicable would be somewhat simple, however on one wall are two large windows lower than counter height. Original to the house—built in 1912—they would be costly to change. Add to that three doorways. I thought if we moved one doorway, it would allow us to move the stove into the kitchen from the back porch and add some counter. But as we looked, it became apparent this wouldn't work. The contractor and I discussed moving doors, changing this or that. He even at one point suggested loosing my closet—hello, like that would work! Tango clothes!

An hour and a half later, we had a workable plan. The original idea to move the doorway stays, but we will also have to change the entry to the stairs to the porch area. This will allow a wall to be created where the stairs presently are, stretching the kitchen about three feet. It will be a funky kitchen, but hey, it is a funky house.