Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Banking Problems--Again

Once again with the banking issues in B.A. One bank spit my card out telling me I wasn't allowed to bank there, another told me the transaction or card number were invalid. Like last time, I've emailed the bank to ask if there is a way to access my money. Maybe they only need to verify I'm actually where I'm trying to use my card. Aargh, no pesos = no milongas. And limited anything as most places only deal in cash.

Went to Maipu 444 last night. Another horrible milonga with only a few people in attendance. Not fun. Not like El Beso with wall to wall bodies. So I'm going to compile a list of places to dance as well as places to purchase shoes.

I found two new shoe stores yesterday (ooh, bad girl), but mostly only tried on shoes. One (ToDo Tango located near Darcos and Flabella) has wonderful sexy shoes for only 310 pesos. The red pair I found were about the same (hum, name of store slips my mind and I'm in a cafe so can't look at the shoes for the name).

My time here won't be much fun without pesos, so hopefully this gets sorted out soon. Last time I was here, many machines had no money and won't let you complete a transaction, but with the one machine spitting out my card, it makes me wonder. Ah well, things always work out.