Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ooh, the Beads

I spent part of yesterday in Once with Mollie. This is the fabric/fashion area of Buenos Aires. Well, more than that. Shops with everything from shoes and bras to bead and fabric are clustered together in about a six block radius.

Bead stores line both sides of one block. At home, metallic beads are extremely hard to find and a bit pricey besides. For twenty pesos (about seven dollars) I bought several bags. We wandered across the street to another store, and I fondled larger bags of bugle beads but didn't buy any.

Of course this morning all I could think about were those large bags of beads. So I went back and purchased more beads. I couldn't believe that these huge bags of bugle beads are only five pesos per bag. They are huge. To give a sense of scale, the coin on the bag is a loonie.

Now to figure out if I should go back and buy even more beads. The tricky thing is I usually go hunting for beads when I want something specific for a project I'm working on. Sometimes I have them, but often not. I can imagine the frustration at home when I think "If only I could go to Once."