Monday, April 13, 2009

Recoleta Cemetery

On Saturday I spent the afternoon wandering around Recoleta Market. Nothing in the market appealed to me much this time around, but maybe because I was so anxious to wander through the cemetery. I actually wound up spending more time there than the market. Over 100 pictures later, I think I have a solid enough feel for the place to use it as a setting for the novel I'm working on. Woo hoo, that was actually one of my reasons for wanting to come here. The photos will act as reference as Buenos Aires is my intended setting. After the milonga with the neck licking incident, I'm going to re-write the start of my NaNo from November completely incorporating pieces of the first NaNo that fell by the way side.

Even though I have such an aversion to spiders, I became obsessed with webs. But really, how could you not:

And look at the crypts, holy cow there must be at least a vampire or three in there somewhere. I knew it!