Friday, April 17, 2009

Sigh, Almost Over

Wow, down to three days remaining. I find myself unwilling to run around and do the tourist thing. Much like my last trip, I behave more like I live here. I haven't yet picked up anything for two of my girls, mostly because I don't know what to bring back for them. Neither would wear the exquisite silver jewellery for sale at the street markets. I'm thinking maybe scarves, but I'm not sure if they would use them.

So instead, I bought a small bag of strawberries--the best I've eaten in years. I remember picking wild strawberries with my mom. These taste much the same. OMG, moan worthy.

Then, I thought of the small bookstore, Fedro Libros, on Carlos Calvo. I purchased the new Bajofondo CD and Truman Capote's book In Cold Blood. In Spanish. That meant I needed a Spanish/English Dictionary. The whole thing cost me 80 pesos (so little less than $30). Now to try to read a book without really comprehending what I'm reading--sort of the way I learn anything.