Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Banking Dilemas

Although the dollar is worth more than the peso, it almost appears that they don't last as long. It is impossible to use a bank card at a merchant, and restaurants aren't much better. A few that I've seen do take credit cards, but at milongas pesos are used for entrance, plus there is the cost of drinks. So by Monday, I knew I wouldn't have enough to go for another day.

Okay, it is actually because I bought two pairs of shoes and had a private lesson to pay for, but who's counting? After the second pair of shoes, I found a bank machine around the corner, but was informed that my transaction was prohibited. Monday was also a bank holiday, so many of the banks had no cash in their machines anyway.

This morning, the two american women and myself headed to Tango Brujo. I had purchased one pair of shoes the day before, and was told they might be able to custom make a pair of shoes from a picture that I have. Pat was trying to get a skirt made to match a pair of shoes she'd purchased.

Liz and I were both down to our few remaining pesos and were desperate to get the banking figured out. Next door to Tango Brujo is a bank machine, but again, it was out of money. I had heard about Cirrus or Link as an option, so was searching for the correct bank, but once again, we couldn't seem to find a machine with money. Most of today was spent looking for a machine that would give us money. I had sucess, but poor Liz couldn't get anything and had to finally call her bank to straighten things out.

It was good to be flush again, as I had another private this evening, dinner with Kikki, and a milonga later. Busy days. Hum, aren't I supposed to be on holidays?