Friday, November 10, 2006


So far, the dancing has been interesting. Working my way up the pecking order, I've started with the old, old (old) men. Some are very good dancers. Some are not so great. One fellow shakes so hard it is hard to determine whether he is leading or just quivering. Then there is a fellow that dances a semi-open embrace that seemed to be hard to dance with. Other apparently great dancers seemed to have problems as well. From there up the ladder, is a fellow who has fairly solid technique, but no variations on a theme. Once I figured out how he led, it was the same each dance.

Georgio tells me up, up, grabs me just above the panty line to emphasize his point, then says bring those beautiful breasts up where the world can see them. Just about enough to make me sink, sink.

Of course, you go to another milonga and have to start all over again.