Monday, November 06, 2006

Day Two

Sunday is market day in Buenos Aires. In San Telmo, there is a market around near the guest house, but there is another market in the trendy district of Palermo. Pat, a guest from Mexico had heard about the trendy market selling clothes, jewellery, belts and so much more, so four of us hopped in a cab to explore.

It would seem that market day is the weather's cue to be uncooperative though. It rained on and off all morning, and the heaven's opened just for us as we got there. Not that it made much difference. We explored only a few shops between us. Alone, would have accomplished more, but it is so much fun to watch others try on clothes.

In the late afternoon, we headed off to Salon Canning. Another large milonga, almost filled to bursting by the time we arrived. Our table was at the corner, and not near enough to the dance floor to be able to make great eye connection with any one. The crowd did not seem to be the same, but with so many people, it would be hard to tell.

With crowed dance floors, the line of dance is crucial. Never once did I step on anyone or get stepped on. I've danced with only a few couples and suffered more injury than I think would ever happen here. No one would think to cut in line or rush or hurry to get to an open space. Instead, they do that coming and going as they drive from one place to another. Driving is an experience in risk. Our taxi driver coming home would rush up to lights that were red and only slow down at the last possible second, squirting through the intersection before the light even turned green.

Once again, dinner was after the milonga and tonight there was no visiting around the table at the end of the evening. A nice quiet end to a very busy day.