Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Too Much Stuff

Yesterday I went to the practica at Ideal with Eduardo. From there kikki, Eduardo and two couples from Winnipeg and myself went across the street to have a quick bite to eat and a visit before heading off to Viejo Correo for another lesson and then the milonga.

This morning, I'm sitting here surrounded by shoes, clothes and CDs wondering how to fit them into my luggage. Like a jigsaw, I'm sure it will all fit, but I'm also trying to make sure that neither suitcase is over the weight limit. That could be too much to ask when you consider how many shoes and CDs have to be packed. And there are the other Christmas gifts for the kids and some very unique original artwork. Even got another bag in the hopes of making the impossible happen. Is there a twelve step program for shopaholics? Maybe I'll sign up... after I get another pair of shoes.